Blue Flower

eKOOPBOOK is a dynamic company engaged as an IT provider and specializes in software developments, web designs and related services. We are poised to serve the requirements of the premier business establishments in the country.


We traced back our humble beginning more than 10 years ago providing various software developments to an exclusive clients. More and more companies became interested in our products and we gladly provide them with their requirements.


Our company is a brainchild of professionals with extensive exposure in different software technology. We are staffed with highly trained and skilled field computer engineers, computer technicians, accountants and consultants providing high quality of work. Our office is located at 126 Paso de Blas, Valenzuela City. Our products are delivered on time based on schedule given to our clients.


Over the years, we had developed various software developments very effective in gathering of information that is necessary in our clients business that will help the manager in making an intelligent decisions. Our report format is concise and very informative. It is also tailored according to the client’s specification. We also provide an assessments and a recommendations.



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